Jodi de Marcos

jodi de marcosJodi de Marcos began her career as a fashion model and later became a freelance fashion illustrator and graphic artist in fashion advertising. A self taught dress designer working with fashion models, her work eventually led her to develop further skills as a stylist and make up artist for operas and photographers. She later became a fashion photographer herself. Combining her talents, she opened De Marcos Model Agency in (1986) and produced many fine models for the runways of Europe, Asia and the US. She now owns and operates the De Marcos Fashion Academy where talented youths are introduced to the world of fashion and potential young models learn to walk the runway and to pose for magazines. Because it offers a wide and unusual range of classes, DMFA is the gateway to a career in the fascinating industry of fashion.

Jodi de Marcos is passionate and dedicated to her work and to her students. As a young high school student she was often reprimanded for doing fashion illustrations in her art classes because it was not “art.” Finding ways to utilize her talents became a life challenge. As an immigrant who overcame many obstacles, she now finds fulfillment in life by passing on her gifts to young professionals in the fashion industry. Many former students and individuals she has mentored are now working around the world as fashion professionals.


Santa Barbara Magazine Article June/July 2012